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    • jadeite glass plates
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      jadeite glass plates

      Named as jadeite glass plates, it is a glass product with a new process. The product is crystal clear and has this lovely irregular edges.Read More
    • white milk glass dishes
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      white milk glass dishes

      Our white milk glass dishes give a person a kind of low-key costly, bring a bit mysterious again however. Close to the fine look, and like the human body texture, smooth there are also points of fine lines.Read More
    • colored glass dinnerware
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      colored glass dinnerware

      Fresh ingredients need separate tableware filled with colored glass dinnerware to highlight the fragrance and beauty of the food and make the freshness visible.Read More
    • colored glass plates
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      colored glass plates

      Our Colored glass plates have the advantages of beautiful and generous shape, fine workmanship and multiple functions. It can put seasoning, also can put the dried fruit, adorning your life only beautiful!Read More
    • Glass Platter Serving Tray
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      Glass Platter Serving Tray

      This delightful glass serving platter set is just perfect for any home.Read More
    • Sakura Shape Sauce Dish
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      Sakura Shape Sauce Dish

      This beautiful purple color with sakura shape dipping bowls can hold various condiments or sauces.Read More
    • Clear Green Glass Dinner Pates
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      Clear Green Glass Dinner Pates

      Clear Green Glass Dinner Pates Description The product is a lovely depression glass plates from HFU Glass Product Co.It appears to be overall green and transparent, with patterns on the bottom of the plate, which is elegant and very suitable for delicate dinner. Specification...Read More
    • Green Glass Dinner Plates
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      Green Glass Dinner Plates

      Green Glass Dinner Plates Description Our Green Glass Dinner Plates is full of elegance and grace The floral design and sturdy glass construction makes this plate the perfect stage to set all of your main dishes salads appetizers and desserts glass dinner plates....Read More
    • Colored Glass Dinner Plates
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      Colored Glass Dinner Plates

      Colored Glass Dinner Plates Description Constructed of Soda-lime lead free glass, this unique set features a charming design that is perfect for everyday use and entertaining.Our colored glass dinner plates brighten your table with colorful, contemporary style. Each...Read More
    • Blue Glass Dinner Plates
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      Blue Glass Dinner Plates

      Our glass dinner plate adopt the color of blue, aiming to give ordinary food more feelings and let you have more appetite for them.Read More
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