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Establish New Business Partnership With A Hong Kong Client

Shaanxi HFU Glass Product Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 15, 2017

Establish New Business Partnership with a Hong Kong Client

When the 121st Canton Fair was over, the ultimate goal is to start a business relationship with the potential clients you meet during the fair. However, things may not turn out to be what you expected. For instance, majority of emails you sent out will not get replied at all. Even for the customers that you had great conversation with and asked for the samples you presented on the booth may not reply your follow-up email.


Don’t be upset by the facts that your emails that didn’t get responded, and focus on the emails that initiated by the clients. They are the real customers that want to know your company and your products. Our silver lining happened when a HK customer sent a email and asked whether we are willing to sign an non-disclosure agreement before development of a new double walled glass bottle for them.


With prompt response to their questions and concerns, our company is currently developing four new glass products for them. Be patient, and put more effort to the clients that reach out to you. This is what I take away from the 121st Canton Fair.

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